Slushii Takes On Classic Dance Track With New Remix


Slushii has uploaded a new remix to his archival SoundCloud channel, offering up a reworked version of Sarina Paris’ classic dance tune “Look At Us.” Fans of Dance Dance Revolution are sure to recognize the 2001 song as it was featured in the popular rhythm based game, and the producer’s new rendition offers up another side of his versatile sound.

For his new remix, Slushii updates the turn-of-the-century eurodance sound of the original song with some modern production touches. The tune kicks off with Sarina Paris’ heavily auto-tuned vocals and the old-school rhythms, before thrusting into the first drop, complete with half time beats and wobbly dubstep basslines. The producer strikes the right balance between maintaining the vibe of the source material, while adding enough of his signature flair to keep fans satisfied.

While the remix won’t appeal to everyone, there’s a heavy handed sense of nostalgia present that’s contrasted by the producer’s new additions. Like his previous upload “Haunt,” the rework gives us some insight into Slushii‘s music outside of the brand he’s established, and fans will enjoy checking it out for that reason alone.