Slushii Has Two Collaborations Coming Up On Monstercat


After dropping his latest single “Morphine” at the end of last month and unveiling older material like “Haunt” on his new archive channel, Slushii is back to confirm his next two upcoming releases. Taking to Reddit, the chilled out producer revealed that he has two forthcoming singles that are set to be released through Monstercat.

Slushii has released music through Monstercat in the past, so it’s no major surprise to see the producer returning to the fan favored tastemaker label. The good news doesn’t stop there though, as he reveals that both upcoming songs will be collaborations, one with vocalist Laura Brehm and one with Dion Timmer.


If you’ve been paying attention to dance music over the last few months, those names should sound familiar. Laura Brehm was a featured vocalist REZZ‘s “Melancholy” off the Something Wrong Here EP, while Dion Timmer contributed to a number of tracks on Excision’s latest album. With plenty of upcoming music on the horizon, Slushii fans have a lot to be excited for in the coming months.