Snails’ “LZRS” Is A Thunderous Trap Storm


Snails, the mastermind behind vomit-step, has teamed up with LAXX for a thunderous trap jam by the name of “LZRS.” True to form, it’s quick to the point and boasts all the gruesome sound design you could hope for.

Beginning in typical fashion with descending horns, we’re quickly met with the realization that this is no ordinary “banger.” Honestly, “LZRS” sounds like a plasma-fueled knife sharpening clinic that’s been raided by the LAPD. After the buildup, it’s all solid, gritty breakdown. Skyborn lasers zip through the topline, sirens bleat over the mids, and a riddling percussion arrangement holds up the entire bass-cake for the duration. While “LZRS” only clocks in at two and a half minutes, you can bet it’ll be finding its way into sets all year long.

Have a listen above, and head over to iTunes to grab LAXX and Snails’ “LZRS” for yourself.

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