Snails’ VIP Mix Of His And Jack Ü’s Holla Out Is A Bass Revelation


Talk to any bass head for more than a passing few minutes and the name Snails is bound to come up. The self-proclaimed “vomitstep” producer (so named, perhaps, because of its sawtooth synths’ resemblance to guttural vocal noises) has emerged as a dominant name in dance music’s darker, dirtier side, and his VIP mix of his and Jack Ü’s “Holla Out” stands as further validation of his credentials.

For clarification, Jack Ü put out the original version of “Holla Out” several months ago. The track featured Skrillex’s signature everything-but-the-kitchen-sink production style, but Snails’ VIP mix replaces that with the savage reverberations that have become his calling card. Even as “Holla Out” stood out as one of the more favorable releases among Jack Ü’s otherwise lackluster discography, Snails’ version makes for a much more memorable piece of bass music.

Listen to Snails‘ VIP mix of his and Jack Ü’s “Holla Out” above and give us your thoughts on the track below.