SNBRN’s Beat The Sunrise Doesn’t Beat His Other Releases


Tropical/future house rising star SNBRN has been holding out on us as far as originals are concerned. We’ve had to resign ourselves to remix after remix for the better part of the year – and while some of them certainly suited our fancy, nothing provides as effective a snapshot of an artist’s musings as the tracks they put together from start to finish.

Unfortunately, “Beat The Sunrise” featuring Andrew Watt doesn’t make for an exciting addition to his recent discography. Where SNBRN tracks like his Kerli collaboration, “Raindrops,” tastefully rode the line between future and tropical house with enough extraneous elements to make them stand out, his latest number features a predictable, modulated future house organ synth melody that does little to stimulate the senses. Watt’s painfully ready-for-radio top line does little to reconcile the track’s shortcomings, making it the unofficial anthem of the infamous safe route more than anything else.

With the rigors of touring coupled with the pressures to remain relevant in the complex and cutthroat dance music landscape, though, there’s no reason to condemn SNBRN for a minor miss such as this. We still look forward to his upcoming releases and will deliver them to you as he makes them available.