SoundCloud To Incorporate Suggested Tracks Feature, Disable Track Visuals


Now that SoundCloud‘s back in the clear – at least for the foreseeable future, anyways – its developers are looking to make more changes. Twitter recently came to the aid of the music streaming platform by giving it a much-needed capital injection of $70 million, and some of that money appears to be going toward changes to its interface.

For starters, SoundCloud will be adding a “Suggested Tracks” feature. Whereas the Recommended Tracks feature simply cues up songs that are similar to the ones that played before them, the new feature will better personalize tracks based on data from the users themselves.

Second, press releases leaked by verified sources cited by Tune Collective reveal that as of July 15th, music uploaders will no longer be able to add wraparound visual artwork to the background of their tracks. According to the statement, the change will not apply retroactively and will allow SoundCloud to reinvest resources in ways that are more beneficial to the user experience.

Seeing as how SoundCloud‘s been on the ropes in recent years, time will tell whether the changes it’s about to enact will help it climb out of the hole it’s dug itself into. In the meantime, let us know how you feel about the changes by commenting below.