SoundCloud’s New Top 50 Charts Feature Needs Improvement



Music streaming platform SoundCloud has rolled out a new charts feature in an apparent move to retain its user base after the announcement of their licensing agreement with Universal Music Group. Unless they make some serious changes to the supposed upgrades, however, they’re not likely to hold the interest of the service’s discerning user base.

In addition to the regular “Stream,” SoundCloud’s user interface now features a “Charts” tab that allows users to filter their feed by “Top 50” or “New & Hot,” and then further narrow down the results by genre. As of this writing, what results it spits out laughably miss the mark; many of what the platform presents as the most streamed tracks of each genre fall outside the confines of each style by a wide enough margin that the genre snobs to whom such a feature would appeal most will likely boycott it with a vengeance.

Until SoundCloud places more emphasis on curating the content of its charts feature, the blunder will contribute to its gradual fall from the electronic music community’s favor.

Try it out for yourself though and let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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