Splice’s New Beat Maker Is The Ultimate Production Toy


Splice just created their own Beat Maker, and it’s… overwhelming. It’s clearly not meant for professional production, as the feature is limited to only eight instruments, but the level of customization is insane.

Where other beat makers might have 10 instruments with a couple sound options, here’s what Splice Co-Founder Steve Martocci has to say about their product:

The tool offers eight different instruments that users can pre-load with over 850,000 royalty-free samples from the Splice Sounds library.

A library of over 850,000 Splice Sounds in one simple, easy to use beat maker. Unheard of.

But the company is focusing on something bigger than just music creation. They want to give people the opportunity to explore music, get involved, and spark their own musical aspirations.

“Education is a massive challenge in making music, we’re exploring how samples and loops can onboard people into their musical journey. It’s a big long term goal,” says Martocci.

For more, you can check out Splice‘s website for their Beat Maker here.