Start Your Day With Jay Hardway’s Wake Up


In case you didn’t already have enough summer anthems to choose from, another euphoric progressive house track has hit the airwaves. Jay Hardway‘s “Wake Up” is a distinctly Dutch main stage number that will likely make the DJ/producer stand out in more people’s minds by the end of the summer.

After all, up to this point Hardway’s been best known for his collaborations with fellow dutchman Martin Garrix such as “Registration Code,” “Error 404,” and most notably, “Wizard.” All of that is about to change though, as the shimmering synth work and infectious drum patterns in “Wake Up” are certain to put him on the map as his own artist.

“Wake Up” doesn’t exactly push the boundaries, but what it may lack in originality it makes up for in undeniable catchiness. As Hardway proceeds to define himself more and more as an artist over the months to follow, time will tell if he takes it upon himself to take more risks as an artist – and we’ll be curious to see if he does.

Give the preview of Jay Hardway‘s “Wake Up” a listen above and let us know what you think in the comments section.