Step Into The Space With Steve Angello In This Promo Video


You might remember a couple months ago when Steve Angello left his residency at LIFE nightclub at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas for one at brand-new Caesar’s Palace nightclub OMNIA – and if you do, you’ll remember that there wasn’t a whole lot of information about why he made the move.

In perhaps an effort to address some of the murmurs in the nightlife community, Angello has released a promo video titled Step Into The Space for the new residency that sheds a little light on some of his motives for making the switch.

Regarding OMNIA, Angello explained:

Every day is different, you know? Every crowd is different, every person’s expectations are different, every energetic field at every venue is different – so every day is different. As a performer, it’s important that you connect with everybody. I feel like you have sight everywhere and everybody can see you, so it’s about the music and the performers which I think is good.

The “Children of the Wild” producer will perform at the venue on August 21st, and again on the 25th – but you can find additional dates as they are scheduled here.

After watching Step Into The Space, tell us, would you make it a point to catch a Steve Angello set at OMNIA Nightclub in Las Vegas?

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