Steve Angello Delivers An Impressive Remix Of M83 And Jean-Michel Jarre


The electronic don Jean-Michel Jarre has been making a much awaited return to the scene as of late. After collaborating with Gesaffelstein for his first release in eight years, Jarre teamed up with the ubiquitous M83 for another graceful production titled, “Glory.” It’s a brilliant tune, seamlessly melding both Jarre and M83’s style in a hazy recollection of 80’s glory. Now, Steve Angello has tried his hand at reworking the track, and I must say… wow.

Angello has transformed the ballad into a bursting progressive house anthem, upping the tempo and adding churning percussion to make the track speak volumes. He’s left the heart of the original intact, capitalizing on the full synths provided by Jean-Michel Jarre and accentuating M83’s provided vocals. It sounds like this track was meant for a Steve Angello remix, and I won’t be the least bit surprised to hear this version of “Glory” gracing main stages around the world this summer.

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