Steve Angello Uploads Daring Music Video For The Ocean


“The Ocean” will make you feel something, trust us.

Steve Angello has been exceedingly honest about his intentions with Wild Youth; he wants to make music with emotion. It seems he’s not stopping at just music, either, as the Swedish producer has just uploaded an emotive music video for the 80’s inspired “The Ocean.” While it can be interpreted any number of ways, one thing is for certain: this will make you feel something.

Centering around the life of an Albanian MMA fighter, the music video chronicles loss, sacrifice and commitment, finishing with a rather melancholy ending. The entire thing is more than a tad cryptic, and we’re left guessing as to what exactly happened with this fighter and his family.

The uncertainty of certain plot points gives rise to innumerable storylines, and it’s in this nebulous understanding of what’s going on that the audience can pluck their own meaning.

Overall “The Ocean” fits perfectly with the fighting theme, and lends energy to the curious cinematography. Check it out for yourself above and let us know what you think Steve Angello is trying to say with his latest piece of work.