Steve Aoki And Borgore’s Phenomena? How About Phenome-NOT


Come on, Borgore. I would expect this from Steve Aoki, but you know better.

It feels like I just got done writing about how Borgore hasn’t changed along with the electronic music landscape. Even the preview he’s released since then for his upcoming Keep It Sexy EP promises the aggressive sort of dubstep that put the Israeli DJ/producer on the map a few years ago, as passé as the genre has become by fad chaser standards.

Who knows then what kind of Jedi mind tricks it took for Borgore to be talked into working with Aoki on “Phenomena” – or how much money, more realistically. This track is everything that Borgore isn’t, which just so happens to be everything Aoki is.

A catchy enough progressive/electro house melody builds up to a roaring synth lead with barbaric kicks and snares. It’s not a poorly produced track, but Borgore’s creative input seems to have been minimal – and who knows if Aoki’s ever even produced any of his own tracks from start to finish.

I sincerely hope we the EDM community can wash our hands of “Phenomena” and simply look forward to Borgore‘s Keep It Sexy EP, which is slated for release through Buygore on October 2nd.

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