Steve Aoki Reveals Upcoming Collaboration With Matthew Koma


Though his new album, Neon Future, just released this week, Steve Aoki is already looking ahead to his next project, Neon Future Part 2. Set to drop in early 2015, the disc will be a continuation of his latest studio effort and like Neon Future, it will contain a bunch of exciting collaborations.

While the DJ is usually keen on reaching outside the EDM genre for help on his tracks, enlisting the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker and Kid Cudi, to name but a few of his past collaborators, for Neon Future Part 2 he’ll be going straight to one of EDM’s most sought after vocalists, Matthew Koma.

The two artists recently performed a show together in Montreal back in May, so I suppose that this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Plus, as I said above, Koma is extremely popular in the genre these days, with most big name DJs seeking out his help. So, it’s not too surprising that Aoki would want to get on the bandwagon as well.

Of course, we haven’t heard what they’ve put together just yet, nor do we know anything about the track. All we have at this point is confirmation from Aoki himself, who revealed the news to me during an interview that I did with him last weekend at TomorrowWorld. When asked about why he often chooses to collaborate with rap and hip-hop artists, Aoki told me that on Part 2 he’ll actually be working with some EDM vocalists, like Matthew Koma.

Check out what Steve Aoki had to say in the video above and let us know if you’re excited to see what him and Koma have come up with.