Steve James Drops New Single “In My Head” With RKCB


Rising 18 year old producer Steve James has dropped a new single today, delivering a smooth dance ballad with RKCB on “In My Head.” Lately, it seems as if James is an artist who seems capable of doing no wrong, gaining major traction in the dance community with writing credits on Justin Bieber’s 2015 single “Purpose,” in addition to gaining support from Martin Garrix.

“In My Head” opens with quiet verses led by RKCB’s gentle vocals and a delicate piano melody. Percussion elements soon join the mix alongside the stripped back instrumentation, leading into funky tropical drops complete with a warped saxophone-like sound, bouncy marimba hits and upbeat rhythms.

Steve James manages to carve out a unique sound on “In My Head,” blending gentle pop verses with groovy drops to great success. With his knack for crafting catchy, original productions, you can expect to see a lot more of this producer in the future.