Stream Dillon Francis’ Money Sucks, Friends Rule In Full


It might not be October 28th just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hear Dillon Francis‘ upcoming album in full. That’s right, the DJ has decided to give his fans a nice little treat by making Money Sucks, Friends Rule available to stream online.

As one of the most anticipated releases of the year, this is certainly fantastic news. Admittedly, we’ve already heard the majority of the album over the past few weeks, as Francis has gifted us several of the songs already, but still, getting to hear it in full is great as now we finally know what’s in store for us come the end of the month.

I know I’ve commented on this before, but what I really love about Money Sucks, Friends Rule is that it shows how seamlessly Dillon can move between genres. Each track feels unique and fresh and we get a whole range of sounds here, from trap to pop and everything in between. Highlights (for me, at least) include When We Were Young, Love In The Middle Of A Firefight and Set Me Free. That being said, none of the songs underwhelm and they all feel like they could stand on their own as a single.

Check out Money Sucks, Friends Rule below and let us know in the comments section if you’re a fan of Dillon Francis‘ new album.

1. “All That (feat. Twista & The Rejectz)”
2. “Get Low (with DJ Snake)”
3. “When We Were Young (with Sultan + Ned Shepard feat. Chain Gang of 1974)”
4. “Set Me Free (with Martin Garrix)”
5. “Drunk All The Time (feat. Simon Lord)”
6. “Love in the Middle of a Firefight (feat. Brendon Urie)”
7. “Not Butter”
8. “I Can’t Take It”
9. “We Are Impossible (feat. The Presets)”
10. “We Make It Bounce (feat. Major Lazer & Stylo G)”
11. “What’s That Spell? (feat. TJR)”
12. “Hurricane”