Stream Sia’s This Is Acting Deluxe Edition Tracks


If Sia’s This Is Acting wasn’t enough to scratch your Sia itch, you’re in luck. The “Cheap Thrills” star released her critically and commercially acclaimed record this past January, and new music is already here. Following the release of her recent Kendrick Lamar-assisted single, “The Greatest,” Sia has dropped the deluxe edition of This Is Acting today, jam packed with new music.

Announced late last month, the deluxe This Is Acting arrives in place of what everyone thought could have actually been a brand new album. “The Greatest” released seemingly out of nowhere, so it wasn’t a crazy theory that Furler was gearing up to unveil a follow-up so soon. What we get instead, though, are five additional songs: “The Greatest,” “Confetti,” “Midnight Decisions,” “Jesus Wept,” and a remix of “Move Your Body.” “Midnight Decisions” is a catchy power-ballad, while “Confetti” sounds like it was originally written with the intention of having Rihanna take over on vocals.

Sia’s bold and extravagant vocals run wild on the deluxe tracks, but at the end of the day, they sound more like they were leftovers that weren’t good enough for inclusion on This Is Acting. Still, it’s never a bad thing to have more Sia songs to spin in your playlist, so the new tunes should definitely hold you over until another new record releases in the future.