Stwo’s Remix Of ZAYN’s “Pillow Talk” Dumbs Down The Original


As a general rule, if your remix of a track doesn’t accomplish something better than (or at least different from) the original, it’s probably not worth the effort. Stwo has released a remix of ZAYN’s “Pillow Talk” that isn’t poorly put together, but feels that way for how greatly it’s overshadowed by its source material.

After all, Stwo’s remix features much of the same percussive and melodic elements of the original “Pillow Talk” – just less of them. The R&B rhythm is similarly sprinkled with 808s and reverberant pad synths, but the sultry lyrics tend to overpower the other elements of the arrangement more than they did in ZAYN’s version.

That being said, Stwo still delivers on most of what he releases. And beside, just because he’s started 2016 off on a lacklustre note doesn’t disqualify him as an artist to watch as the rest of the electronic music world gears up for festival season.

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