Surrender To The Acoustic Version Of Cash Cash’s New Single


It’s time to get a bit more intimate with Cash Cash, as the EDM group has just released a stripped down, acoustic version of their hit song, “Surrender.” Once again displaying their musical talent, the boys take away the pounding drum kicks and most of the electronic elements and instead, leave us with just Julia Michaels’ beautiful vocals and some softer instrumentals.

Honestly, I’m almost tempted to say that this is better than the original. Not that “Surrender” is a bad song, not by any means. In fact, I absolutely love it. But this acoustic version is just so soothing and by removing most of the electronic elements, I feel that the heart and soul of the song comes through much stronger. In other words, it’s a winner.

Check out the acoustic version of “Surrender” below and if you dig it, be sure to pick up the track on iTunes!