Swage Delivers A Crushing Remix Of Getter’s Genocide


Swage, LA’s resident Space Pirate, is making a name plundering the airwaves with his own brand of gnarling house. Following a rowdy “Lean On” remix with Bassex, this time, he’s hit our aural G-spot with a remix of Getter’s “Genocide.”  Boasting more of the kinetic sound design and tempestuous bass we’ve come to relish, this is one track that’s putting the facemelt on Christmas cheer.

Upping the tempo of Getter’s original mix into a bass house anthem, Swage’s remix points toward the sounds we should expect for 2016. Rippling synths crawl over the breakdown, mischievous percussion supplements the bristling lead, and vinyl embellishments add a welcomed sense of analog. He’s left in moments of trap as a nod to the original, and Dahn Farro’s lyrics remain hyped to charge the atmosphere. Dynamic and aggressive, we couldn’t be more stoked to have this track as a free download in time to spruce up the holidays.

Have a listen to Swage’s “Genocide” remix above, and let us know what tracks will be fuelling your own holiday season below.