Swifties convinced Taylor Swift used media shaming to write an impactful ‘Midnights’ lyric

Image credit: Taylor Swift's official photoshoot for 'Midnights' album

Taylor Swift is taking the music industry by storm again with the release of Midnights, a collection of songs that comprise her tenth studio album and are no less potent in getting their message across than all the singer’s back catalog.

The purveyor of the greatest bridges in pop music usually dedicates the sixth track of her full-length albums to what she considers the hit song. The ultimate earworm that brings everything together, if you will. But with Midnights, that honor has apparently been given to the third track – “Anti-Hero” – which also received a music video that coincided with the album’s worldwide release.

In it, Taylor sings about the very idea of social insecurity and self-hatred, using visual cues such as inner ghosts and self-projected haunting nightmares to depict what it’s like to constantly question yourself. And, of course, being the cheeky songwriter that she is, T-Swizzle is once again taking on the misogynistic media shaming she suffered when all she wrote about — or complained about, as they would put it — was her exes.

“Maybe she’s the problem” is being interpreted in a whole different light now that Taylor is outright embracing it in “Anti-Hero.”

Swifties are getting 2012 flashbacks with the ringing chorus of “It’s me, hi. I’m the problem, it’s me.”

Taylor may have started to take control of her reputation with reputation, but now everything is coming full circle with Midnights.

Midnight is now available for streaming on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. You can watch the music video for “Anti-Hero” below: