T.I. Releases ‘Get Back Up’ Music Video

T.I. has released the music video for his latest song, Get Back Up. Featuring Chris Brown, the song was released back in October, when T.I. was sent back to prison. The song is very relevant as T.I. talks about his mistakes and realizes that he needs to start changing his ways.

In the song, T.I. raps:

“I admit, yeah I did some dumb sh*t
Disappointed everybody, yeah I know
Try not to hold that against me though
My road to redemption has no GPS,
So guess the time must be invested for this to be manifested.”

He goes on to talk about being judged unfairly and the things he has done wrong and he apologizes for all of it. Brown doesn’t have a huge presence on the song but he does well with the material he has.

The video, featuring Brown and T.I., isn’t anything special but I do really like the song, so if you’re a T.I. fan, definitely check out the video. It’s also nice to see these two together again since the last time they were on the same screen was in the film Takers.

Remember to check out T.I.’s new album, ‘No Mercy’, when it drops on December 7, 2010. And head on over to KoVideo for the full review on the Get Back Up music video.