Taylor Swift To Perform At Pre-Super Bowl Event


Those wanting a Taylor Swift Super Bowl performance may finally be getting their wish – or at least the next best thing. It was announced today that Swift will be joining up with AT&T for a multi-year deal, which will include exclusive content and performances. One of the first gigs as part of the deal is a headlining a spot on DirecTV Super Saturday Night, which is a music event taking place a day before the NFL championship.

Swift will be performing at a custom made venue in Houston, Texas on February 4th, and fans will be able to snag tickets through promotions and campaigns. The partnership gives Swift is a taste of the Super Bowl festivities despite having never performed at the actual event before. This year, Lady Gaga will be rocking the stage at halftime.

The Pepsi-sponsored Super Bowl halftime show is most likely a conflict with Swift’s ongoing endorsement deal with Diet Coke, and chances are, that’s the reason why she’s never performed on one of the world’s biggest stages. However, this at least gives fans something to look forward to during Super Bowl weekend. The AT&T partnership announcement comes at an interesting time, too, seeing as this is the first October that we won’t get a Taylor Swift album despite her releasing one every two years. With the sponsorship promising “exclusive content,” maybe new music is closer than we think.