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Taylor Swift praises ‘bestie’ Selena Gomez after release of new song ‘Single Soon’

We love how inseparable these two are!

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While the internet is busy theorizing about Taylor Swift’s relationship with former BFF Karlie Kloss due to her recent rendition of “Cornelia Street”, Taylor is singing the praises of “bestie” Selena Gomez.

On Friday, Selena released a new song, the appropriately-titled “Single Soon”, the first single off of an upcoming third solo album by the pop star and actress.

Taking to Instagram, Taylor shared a video post by Selena on her Instagram story to her 269 million followers, writing “When ur bestie is the bestest.”

“Will be dancing to this forever methinks,” Taylor continued. The dance track is a hot contender for the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, placing Selena alongside Taylor, as her 2019 song “Cruel Summer” continues to dominate the charts in a spectacular comeback. A fan-favorite among Swifties, the success of “Cruel Summer” is particularly impressive, given that the song was never released as a single, off of her acclaimed pop album Lover.

Taylor and Selena have been friends for over 15 years, having initially met in 2008 when both singers were dating Joe and Nick Jonas, respectively. Throughout Selena’s film and music career and all of Taylor’s various eras, the pair have been joined at the hip ever since, and Selena is a frequent guest in Taylor’s Instagram posts featuring her famous friends.

On August 8th, Selena was spotted dancing with little sister Gracie at Taylor’s Eras Tour concert in Los Angeles. “Thank you bestie for having me and my sissy transport into your mystical, euphoric and special world,” Selena wrote, echoing the “bestie” nickname Taylor posted today. “Proud to know you! love you forever and always.”

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