Taylor Swift Revealed As Writer For Little Big Town Single


Taylor Swift has proven to be the queen of secret co-writes. After being revealed as a co-writer to the summer smash, “This Is What You Came For,” by Calvin Harris and Rihanna, Swift is getting credit for something that returns her to her roots just a tiny bit – Little Big Town’s new single, “Better Man.”

“Better Man” sounds like it could have been an extra off of Taylor Swift’s debut record released over a decade ago, but with the country band at the helm here, it sounds just as good as new. Little Big Town unveiled the co-write during a press conference on Facebook, saying that Swift gave them the song and it was “very special” to her – so it isn’t really clear how exactly old the track may be.

Either way, the song is delightful country pop, and you don’t need to know that Swift wrote it to be able to hear her character all over it. The music video for “Better Man” debuted as well, and it emotionally depicts the life of being a single parent. Despite releasing an album back in June, the song will serve as the lead single to a forthcoming record from Little Big Town expected out next year.

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