Tegan And Sara Release New Song “Fade Out” From The Intervention


Tegan and Sara dropped their eighth full-length record, Love You To Death, this past June, but the new music doesn’t stop there. The synthpop-duo have just unveiled the song and accompanying video for their contribution to the upcoming indie film The Intervention.

Titled “Fade Out,” it’s a short-but-sweet and delightfully catchy number, which was originally written during the sessions of the aforementioned Love You To Death, but when it didn’t make the album, Sara Quin showed it to actress and director of film, Clea DuVall.

Quin talked a bit about how the track came to be, and had the following to say:

I played a rough idea of it for Clea [DuVall] and she really liked it. So I tried to imagine Melanie Lynskey’s character and the misguided attempt to fix other people’s lives when she herself was headed for a fadeout in her own relationship and rewrote the lyrics.

In addition to the Tegan and Sara cut, Quin also helped create the score to The Intervention. It took a little getting used to, though:

“A lot of the first few weeks primarily involved me Googling ‘How do I score a film?” she said.

The Intervention, starring Clea DuVall, Melanie Lynskey, and Natasha Lyonne, hits theaters this Friday. As for the new track, you can check it out below.