The 10 best male K-pop singers of all time

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From extremely high notes to captivating low notes, male K-pop singers offer a wide range of musical versatility. Although severely underrated in the international music scene, the Korean music industry has some of the greatest vocal powerhouses ever. Thankfully, with the global takeover of K-pop and music groups, many of these talents are beginning to receive some long overdue praise for their artistry and musicality.

While some of them are known for their ability to hold their notes while dancing and others for their heart-tugging ballads, the extensive range of male K-pop singers leaves every kind of fan satisfied. Whether you’re a K-pop veteran, looking to get into some new music, or just curious to discover some of the best male vocal talents, here are 10 K-pop singers with brilliant pipes.


The Super Junior member and musical theatre actor discovered his talent for singing when he joined a band in high school, then later debuted in 2006. Kyuhyun is known for his strong, charismatic, and passionate vocals. His ability to belt insanely high notes without straining himself and being able to balance it with his ballad style is one reason you won’t be able to stop listening. His song “Goodbye for Now” is one of his best performances ever.


The singer, songwriter, and member of the groups EXO and Super M, boasts one of the most excellent vocal techniques. He has an extensive vocal range and a smooth voice that he uses to portray deep emotions in his music. Baekhyun began training to be a singer when he was 11 years old and was recruited as a trainee in 2011, just before he made his debut a year later. His solo performance on the EXO song “My Turn to Cry” is oft-cited proof of his extreme vocal talents.


A member and the main vocalist of the group B1A4, Sandeul is one of the best vocalists in the K-pop scene. His music technique is very intricate and disciplined, as he is able to attain high notes without strain. He uses his smooth and cool vocal texture to infuse his performances with emotions that often leave fans in tears. He began singing at an early age and gained popularity after joining several singing contests before debuting in 2011. One of his best live performances is a cover of Park Hyo Shin’s “Because I Am A Common Man.”

Xia Junsu

The former member of the popular group TVXQ! and current member of the duo JYJ, Junsu is one of the most revered vocalists in K-pop. He has a powerful and commanding voice and a well-developed control of his breath and technique. He’s consistent with his vocal resonance and delivers some of the best live performances, earning the title “the ticket power” due to his concert tickets famously selling out within minutes. His performance of the song “Hug” is one of the most acclaimed live performances in K-pop.

Max Changmin

Member of the group TVXQ! and one of K-pop’s most popular tenors, Changmin possesses a large mixed register. His agility and control over his light tenor voice is constantly applauded. His voice is known to permeate the atmosphere and resonate clearly. He began singing at a young age and was scouted when he was 14 before making his debut in 2003. His performance of his new song “Maniac” has quickly become a fan favorite.


The main vocalist and leader of the group BtoB, Eunkwang is one of the most revered singers in the K-pop industry. His distinct tenor voice is well-rounded and extremely versatile. Unlike a lot of male singers, he can pull off high-pitched songs without sounding nasal. He has a wide range and can produce insanely accurate vocal riffs and runs while maintaining pitch. Eunkwang is also a musical actor who has been in over five musicals. His golden voice is most admired in his performance of the song “Please Come Back Again.”

Han Jisung

A hidden gem, Han Jisung is famous for confusing the K-pop world. Most known to be a rapper and member of the group Stray Kids, Jisung gives us glimpses into his vocal treasury and shocks the audience every single time. Jisung has a smooth and soft-singing voice, popular for pulling at the heartstrings of unsuspecting listeners. He is best known for his widely praised performance of the BtoB song “I’ll Be Your Man” on the survival show Kingdom.


Popular for having the voice of an angel, Seventeen member Dokyeom gives the audience goosebumps every time he sings. His range and technique remain stable even while he is dancing and he can depict deep emotions in his songs. Dokyeom’s rich and powerful voice has also blessed the ears of musical theatre fans in the musical Xcalibur. His performance of “Downfall of the Moon” on the show King of Masked Singer shook hearts and was met with widespread acclaim.


Recognized as a vocal powerhouse, EXO member D.O.’s calm, soothing, and emotional voice is considered musical therapy to many. His rich tenor and vocal stability make for an insane balance many can only wish to possess. He also has an impressive vocal range that he uses to make his distinct vocal runs. D.O.’s singing style is unique and easily recognizable, and the warmth and emotions he expresses are easily felt in his live performances, particularly that of “That’s Okay.”


Jonghyun was a vocal powerhouse known for his heartbreaking and emotionally stacked songs. He was the lead singer of the group SHINee and was the first K-pop artist to be actively involved in the artistic direction of his projects. His light and powerful voice would always light up the atmosphere. Although he usually sang in upbeat songs, his vocals still powered through. His voice was also the perfect ballad accompaniment, as he never left any emotion unchecked while performing. His stunning performance of “Gloomy Letter” is a fan favorite, even years after his death.

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