The Chainsmokers Upload 360-Degree Video Of “Don’t Let Me Down”


If The Chainsmokers spent last year demonstrating that they were capable of more than just gimmicks with releases like “Roses,” 2016 has seen them prove that they could keep on doing so consistently. “Don’t Let Me Down” has already found its way into the electronic music community’s collective queue, and a 360-degree video of the NYC duo’s performance of the track at last month’s Syracuse University Block Party stands as evidence of that.

The video opens with The Chainsmokers playing an edit of Coldplay’s “Yellow” while Drew steps out in front of the DJ booth to hype up the audience before they transition into “Don’t Let Me Down.” After the first verse and chorus of the track play through, an edit made to it unleashes a thunderous trap drop that whips the audience into a frenzy.

Also, the 360-degree video features a small easter egg that vigilant viewers might be able to find. We won’t give it away, but look at the title of the song for a hint.

After wrapping up the European leg of their tour, The Chainsmokers will return to the US to play Sunset Music Festival on May 29th before bouncing from massive to massive.

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