The I Get Dirty Thoughts About You TikTok Song Explained

chloe adams dirty thoughts song

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through TikTok and hearing your favorite radio hit or single by one of your favorite artists? The answer to that question is an easy yes for most users of the app.

Of course, the point of the songs being on TikTok is that they’re catchy. While most of the songs on TikTok are well-known, some are clips from up-and-comers and immensely talented artists who aren’t quite mainstream. One of those pieces, in particular, is making a splash on the social media platform right now.

User Chloe Adams has a new sound bite out with a snippet from a song called Dirty Thoughts. Fans have been reacting to the clip with so much enthusiasm that she’s doing a live video on TikTok this Friday to answer questions as she releases the song in full.


I’ll be livestreaming at 5PM GMT on Friday! 📱

♬ original sound – Chloe Adams

Fans of Adams are excited for the live video and the full release of the tune. Dirty Thoughts is already a favorite on TikTok, with other users making clever videos, rock covers, and even theatrical renditions of the song for their own stream.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite ways fans are making Dirty Thoughts their own.

This user got quite literal with the video and people were definitely impressed.


🥀 I get dirty thoughts about you …. #spookynun

♬ original sound – Chloe Adams

Others put their own spins on the songs.

This user was feeling the message of the song and herself in her clip, leading other TikTokers to comment on how stunning she was.

This user took another approach to the video, highlighting a smutty book she’d written while using the song to showcase its feel. Again, we feel it. We’re guilty of loving a good smutty story or two.

A few users took a Halloween theme to the video, dressing up while singing along to Dirty Thoughts in costumes that fit the vibe.

Some couples are making adorable — and sexy — videos using the song as a background. It’s a song with a definite message, and it’s an exciting part of the process of relationship building. We’ve all been there, lost in dirty thoughts about our partner or soon-to-be partner, wondering if they’re thinking them too.

Some users are even taking a comedic approach to the song; this has to be one of our favorites.

You can scroll through the rest of the videos on TikTok by clicking on the original sound link, and don’t forget to check out Adams’ TikTok live stream this Friday to hear more about the songwriting process and what Dirty Thoughts means for the singer/songwriter.

What are some of your favorite TikTok videos? What original songs do you hope catch on from the app? Talk about it in the comments section below.