The ‘I Really Like Your Body’ TikTok Song Explained

TikTok song I really like your body
Photo via @riwww/TikTok

Anyone who spends any length of time on TikTok knows that the app’s top tracks are typically occupied by the world’s most popular current songs. Ed Sheeran was impossible to escape during the “Bad Habits” trend and Olivia Rodrigo earned hordes of new fans after not one, or even two, but three of her debut album’s tracks made it onto TikTok ‘for you’ pages everywhere.

When a TikTok trend is centered around a popular or chart-topping song, it’s relatively easy for users to track down the song’s origin. More obscure music occasionally makes its way onto the app, however, leading interested users down a rabbit hole as they attempt to discover its roots. 

The latest track to send TikTokers into a frenzy is mostly known as the “I Really Like Your Body” TikTok song. This is due to the opening lyrics of the clip that’s gained popularity on TikTok, which opens with “I really like to party/ I really like your body/I really wanna get naughty/I think you’re such a hottie.”

Apart from its addictively languid rhythm and memorable lyrics, many people remain uninformed about the increasingly popular song. Never fear⏤we’ve got all the details you need.

What is the “I Really Like Your Body” TikTok song?

Unsurprisingly, the actual song isn’t really titled “I Really Like Your Body.” The original track, from artist Amaarae featuring Moliy, is titled “Sad Gurlz Luv Money.” 

The clip that now soundtracks thousands of TikToks is taken from near the end of a remix of Amaarae and Moliy’s sensual, breathy song. The remix, which adds the languorous tones of Kali Uchis into the mix, doesn’t massively alter the vibe of the original song. Instead it enhances it in subtle ways, contributing Uchis’ voice to the original pair’s sultry duet and picking up the tempo in a few key areas.

The audio clip is being used to soundtrack serene videos of bustling cities and rainy nights along with quite a few videos detailing what many women think men consider “hottie” behavior. The majority of the entries into the trend simply show people feeling themselves, occasionally mouthing along to the lyrics, but mostly simply taking a moment to appreciate their own unique beauty.

The reception to the trend is almost universally positive. People are flooding the comments section of participants’ vids with words of admiration and encouragement, and many of the videos participating in the trend have view counts in the hundreds of thousands. 

Given the general relationship between TikTok and popular music, it seems likely that its popularity on TikTok will see “Sad Gurlz Luv Money” topping music charts within a few weeks.