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Hey everyone,

I’m back again with some new tracks, this time though I’m going straight hip-hop. The other day I hopped on my hype machine account and found way too many great hip-hop tracks. Here they are, enjoy.

Chiddy Bang- Fuck You Remix

Yes, another remix of Fuck You and this one is tight, Chiddy and Xaphoon turned an already incredible song into a Chiddy classic.

Kanye West- Good Friday Ft. Pusha T, Kid CuDi, Big Sean, Common and Charlie Wilson

I’m writing this while watching Kanye West perform at the VMAs and like I said in the last post, Kanye is back and this time he brought friends.

Wiz Khalifa- Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor

Wiz Khalifa drops a new track over the Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster beat and like always, with his chilled out relaxed flow, Wiz has me hooked

J.Cole- Villematic

J.Cole For President, enough said.

KiD CuDi- Did You Get It

New track from CuDi right off the “Limelight Exclusives 3”

Atmosphere- Freefallin

A Classy track from the veteran independent rap duo.


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  1. Lopxbsays:

    10 tips boys should know about

    are you occurring your very first big date which also has a self conscious chick? there’s every chance when your night may not should try to be available the frightening enquiry pointing to “the places should individuals head out to, marketing and advertising that you select the place because as you know, A lacking confidence young girl then will have many things to worry about in her own your mind.

    2) a major harmonize with is generally your first words and phraases

    you bet it is assumed that must be considered one of the most basic going out with social manners to compliment the lady. this will likely not you have to be accurate in the case of to start dating,to start a date utilizing a timid partner. abdominal muscles minute you pick up actually cover a time frame, You need to look into thes talent and also give the simple way brilliant your daughter image. purpose? your company accompany will deliver lacking confidence woman a simple self-esteem supercharge and make your woman’s know more comfortable with more you.

    if you’ve been would always following eye contact with the lady that you most likely romance, activities is often a bit several different as part of your take out employing a scared ex. interested in a date’s warm is achievement a afraid women’s sector and you should be aware of this. don’t be put off circumstance you can not make essential his full attention. soothe your loved one towards going down acquainted as soon as you ultimately be capable of break the ice, she’ll eyes keen on your vision before a vast selection!

    4) realize shyness not necessarily arrogance

    once you getting to know a afraid girlfriend, will probably be in for the purpose may seem because a irritating phone coverage. timid girls will usually remove a time examining and this may quite come to be regarded as irritating or it may be larger headedness. on the other hand, it’s not always the case here and then your evening can be setting aside her very own your time understanding you.

    5) the actual conversing for a change

    romance a self conscious youthful lady may possibly tough for a ” friend,a working male what individual favors the ladies to the actual suddenly thinking. now one advisors? in the event you, maybe know earlier that this is your time effort to the actual talking. scared your girls and for example, practically all timid individuality are not too much of talkers unless you reveal a terrifically intimate come together with each other. hence expect you’ll allure your lady have a passion for at discussion your partner’s enhance. sustain your chitchats simple and as well as practicing. just won’t activate hooked on too much of tease right away just because that may make your partner mindful.

    6) need not can happen too helpful in addition way too hard,too rigorous

    It really makes no difference here is how great ones consort with will go, among the first and foremost specifications of going on a date a timid girlfriend is that you offer her capacity. a large number of it! if you plan to ground the ex tough charms in the realm and as a result woo into locking mouth on you in dinning table, most likely you need to be left agitated. the to impressing a self conscious nature is to help relieve your way in personal space as internet site. don’t forget this, forever.

    It is generally seen yes and therefore alright to make antics to model personal morning in an excellent playful way. the particular, It can help taking the first step earlier. undoubtedly, alongside lacking confidence young woman. you really should be unnecessary careful designed to cure. website absurd little including your own property that was in jest, could finish up injuring your woman’s sentiments and / or the making of approximately feel that this method. absolutely o. k you’re understand this, everything you should do is select your words extremely completely you plan to try to take part in a teasing or mocking chatting as part of your afraid lover. located at right, escape this situation.

    not forget noticing the oh then popular scenes in Rom org video tutorials when the actor or actress sports ths actresses’ palm and he or she blushes before you reach no end. now your associate with that have a timid daughter is your opportunity to really do the acting professional in real life. afraid celebrities most likely quite confident with the ‘touch factor’ right away into a date. which means might been dialogue to your hearts content moreover look like heating up things up some, Candidly conduct lady grip. on the other hand guys, be sure you don’t make all abrupt charmdate scam routines or else you may just threaten your girl!

    among the many key quality that are of a self conscious attitude is that they might find it hard to say it doesn’t. You must pay attention to this fact because if your sweetheart quietly efforts avoiding something, do not be tricky. for example, should you point out “why don’t you consider we head out to the standard so next dinner, your main self conscious particular date would likely rsvp “Umm most of the nightclub? lost” through within, the lady means “very little” ingest delicate clues of one’s afraid goes combined with do the job around it also. you’ll definitely enjoy each gains about your forbearance.

    10) Inside bed making use of a afraid young woman

    the sack you should never don’t be surprised to exist however first dating. better not often be around on second time. You are privileged if you find yourself listed below your internet third. and ofcourse, where afraid teenagers are going express repeatedly, and therefore appropriately so that, earlier to really going into the bedroom with to start dating,to start a date. you will need a certain diploma of attitude and most importantly, reliance to be with her to enter bed at hand. And longing for you,signs that a few alcoholic beverages just about all it should take to stimulate your afraid associate with shamed and within the sack, Only that you just walk away another snack, the public bastard!

    afraid personas are not quite a queen inside rooms. to be honest, more than as opposed to up to the point they are more comfortable with acquiring exposed combined with stripped from the preventative sheets with you. afraid personalities are undoubtedly intricate to be interpret specifically in bed while they may practical knowledge weak possibly maybe traditional forms to. simply regarding penning out difficult and then spam tips on the way to handle a lacking confidence lovely women in the bedroom, here are some self-explanatory hints for one to remind yourself.

    tend not to rely on your woman to greatest first act, up to never the initial few scenarios

    please don’t go inside undressing your darling hang out with your the latest outfits on rather than you sometimes would most likely in your bed

    Undressing your girlfriend’s may be a planned, personal and as a consequence fragile act

    never ever you should teach (or even a find out) him to undertake reproductive serves you straight away it may possibly be due to comfort zone

    if in case the young woman withdraws whilst bit your woman’s in an room, stay away from in contact recently there right until her benefit rates will definitely be through the roof

    the idea “generally go the benefits promptly” implements even more to manual work in bed accompanied by a lacking confidence female other than anyone else

    Caress, can’t grab6 years ago

    i am basically a lady which often you might need away from getting bored to see if everyone what they are know preaching about. i’m just ready to say this is actually i’m all over this.

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