deadmau5 Fitted The Mau5hax Bus With An Insane Production Studio


Any DJ/producer’s biggest drawback to touring is foregoing time that could be spent in the studio. deadmau5 recognized this while planning the mau5hax tour, as he’s fitted the mau5trap signees’ tour bus with a production studio that puts most anything the average audiophile could assemble to shame.

The photo in the following post to the mau5trap Facebook page shows the studio in all its majesty:

heading into toronto in a few hours… so exited to start the tour at UNIUN Nightclub!!!! but, until then, you can find us messin about with our studio on wheels… #mau5haxbu5tour

Posted by mau5trap on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Aside from the KRK Systems monitors atop the mixing board – and the custom-made speakers towering over them – the photo quality makes it difficult to identify much of the equipment shown (and a lot of it is likely custom made, anyways). The apparatus on the right looks to be a patch board, though, and the keyboard on the left is almost certainly hooked up to an analogue synthesizer.

One thing’s for sure, though: deadmau5 didn’t skimp on the amenities while decking out the mau5hax tour bus.