Kanye West Is Taking Over The World Via Twitter

No one man should have all this attention. Image courtesy of Google Images and Claude Saravia.

Kanye season has arrived and by the looks of it, it is going to be a long, illustrious reign for the misunderstood rapper.

The buzz surrounding his every move is deafening. And with his promise to release a new song every Friday until Christmas, music fans are rejoicing.

Not to mention a new twitter account, Good Fridays and one of the most anticipated albums of the year, the artist is dominating the news headlines like never before.

Case in point: New York Magazine’s artistic take on Kanye entering the tweet world. Even Kanye himself,  appreciated the illustrator Frank Stockton poking a little fun at the rapper. “Ok this shit is really accurate woooooow,” Kanye tweeted.

One of several illustrations Stockton made depicting the rapper. Courtesy of Frank Stockton

The first offering from Kanye West’s Good Fridays featured a track with Jay-Z, Rick Ross and the hottest (both literally and lyrically) female rapper currently in the game – the Trinidadian-born, Queens-raised Nicki Minaj. It is six minutes long and appropriately named Monster.

Almost immediately after posting the song, Kanye added another post which should thrill hip-hop fans all over the world – the announcement of a Kanye West collaboration album with Jay-Z.

“Me and Jay bout to drop a 5-song album called ‘Watch the Throne’,” Kanye tweeted.

As for a meeting last week between Kanye and the former hip-hop giant Suge Knight, which revolved around Knight getting shot at a 2005 Kanye West party, there was still no resolution. AP is reporting the case will go to trial.

Needless to say, the hype Kanye is receiving is well-deserved. The tracks we have heard so far are superb and his marketing is air-tight. Though his last album received mixed reviews and a little confusion over his sudden style-switch, I think everyone is excited now that he has returned to his roots.

The newly-released track is sick and if we are going to have Good Fridays until Christmas, then Kanye season ought to be quite a merry one.