The Theme Of Tomorrowland 2016 Has Been Revealed


Nothing signifies that the festival season hype machine is in full swing like the announcement of Tomorrowland‘s annual theme, and festivalgoers can now take solace in the fact that such information has finally been released. Following up on last year’s “Kingdom of Melodia,” Tomorrowland took to twitter to announce that the theme of 2016’s festival is the equally-baffling-but-fitting “The Elixir of Life.”

“The Elixir of Life” theme is consistent with Tomorrowland’s mystical branding and medieval imagery, and seems an adequate description of the role dance music plays in many festivalgoers lives.

We’re still in the dark regarding what this year’s event has hidden up it’s sleeves regarding lineup and stage information, but considering Tomorrowland’s penchant to outdo itself, it’s safe to assume the hottest acts on the EDM festival circuit will be present.

Tomorrowland 2016 will kick off July 22-24 in Belgium, and fans can head here to sign up for pre-registration.

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