This Electric Daisy Carnival Infographic Puts The Size Of The Festival In Perspective


Electronic music festivals have reached such opulent heights that their sheer scale can seem daunting. Electric Daisy Carnival promoter Insomniac Events must have recognized this, because they teamed up with Beacon Economics to present all relevant information about their flagship festival’s economic impact in the form of an accessible infographic.

Drawing data from the last five years of Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas (after the festival relocated from Los Angeles), the infographic uses real-world figures to put the staggering numbers in perspective.

For instance, it points out that the event’s total economic impact of $1.3 billion is roughly equal to the daily GDP of New Jersey, or that the 1.7 million attendees that have attended the festival during the time frame in question are twice the number of actual Las Vegas residents.

The Electric Daisy Carnival data doesn’t stop there, though. If you ever wanted to digest the aggregate numbers of the festival in festive pastel colors, look through the rest of the infographic below:

EDC-Las-Vegas-2015-Economic-Impact-Infographic (2)


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