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This is what the perfect setlist for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour would look like

Reducing Taylor Swift's discography down to a realistic number of songs to be played on tour was harder than 'Sophie's Choice.'

With Taylor Swift finally going back on tour after four years, the anticipation is at an all-time high. Add to that the fact that this will be a special “best of” series of concerts, and the excitement becomes too much to handle.

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The singer announced that the Eras Tour will kick off in March of next year, and will fittingly serve as a “journey through the musical eras of [her] career,” both past and present. Swift hasn’t toured since releasing the 2017 statement record Reputation, but has released four original albums in that same period: Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights, as well as the rerecordings of Fearless and Red, which included a number of new tracks too.

There is the question of having to pick 20 or so songs from a discography of over 200, of which a good 50 percent are solid bops, and 40 percent straight masterpieces. We Got This Covered has gathered a selection of tracks from Taylor Swift’s ten albums that we think should undeniably get a spot on the Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift (2006)

Taylor Swift’s debut album still holds up to this day. The self-titled album instantly cemented Swift as the songwriter to watch in the years to come. Hearing the 32-year-old take on songs that she wrote as young as 13 years old will definitely be a special moment for fans, especially those who have been following her since then.

“Picture To Burn”

“Picture to Burn” has one of the most iconic choruses of Taylor Swift’s career. The revenge song is still a highly enjoyable track to this day, and screaming the lyrics to it on tour would be pretty legendary.

“Teardrops On My Guitar”

“Teardrops On My Guitar” was the start of an era for the then-country singer. For many, this is the first Taylor Swift song they ever heard. She was only 15 when she wrote it, but it’s still a great example of her signature writing style.

“Our Song”

“Our Song” is the most well-known song from Taylor Swift’s debut album. This song was common among Swift’s tour setlists up until the Speak Now World Tour. It’s another great one to scream the lyrics to.

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) (2021)

Fearless really catapulted Taylor Swift into worldwide fame, landing her four Grammys, including Album of the Year. Up until 2020, Swift was the youngest to ever win the accolade. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) was the first rerecording released by the artist in 2021. It featured six previously unreleased tracks written back in 2007.

“Love Story”

“Love Story” is the Taylor Swift classic. You’re not a real Swiftie until you have memorized every word to this song. It’s arguably the singer’s most famous song, challenged only by “Blank Space” or “Shake It Off” from 1989.

“White Horse”

“White Horse” is one of the most beautiful songs in the artist’s early discography and would sound great performed live with her matured, stronger vocals, as was proven when she chose it as one of the surprise songs on the Reputation Stadium.

“Mr. Perfectly Fine”

“Mr. Perfectly Fine” is the most memorable “Vault” song from Fearless (Taylor’s Version). The singer asked her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner permission before including it in the re-recording. Turner shared the song on her Instagram story, captioning it “it’s not NOT a bop.” We agree.

Speak Now (2010)

Speak Now is the only album in Swift’s discography to be entirely written by her, and has been hinted as the next in line in her re-recordings roll-out. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is expected to come out before the start of the Eras Tour, and it’s impossible to predict which “Vault” songs will be included, possibly even securing a place on the setlist.

“Enchanted” x “Wildest Dreams”

We realize Swift already performed a mash-up of “Enchanted” and “Wildest Dreams” on the 1989 Tour. However, with both songs gaining new life after going viral on TikTok in 2021, bringing this combo back is an opportunity almost too perfect to pass up.

“Long Live”

“Long Live” was part of Swift’s last tour in a mash-up with New Year’s Day, but given its meaning as a song written for Swifties, and, again, its inclusion in the “Bejeweled” music video, we’re predicting it will find a place in the upcoming concerts too.

“The Story Of Us”

As a single, “The Story of Us” would round up Swift’s picks from the album nicely. The dream, obviously, would be a medley of all of Speak Now‘s bangers, including the iconic “Better Than Revenge,” “Haunted,” or “Speak Now.” Really, this album is just too hard to pick from.

Red (Taylor’s Version) (2021)

Red‘s grip on pop culture will truly never let up. After becoming the singer’s biggest commercial success in 2012, the album had a huge comeback in 2021 after the release of Taylor’s Version. It broke the record for most single-day Spotify streams for an album by a female artist. A slightly insane stat for an album composed of songs that came out a decade ago.

“All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”

Taylor Swift usually relies on mash-ups to include her old songs in her setlists, but if there’s one that must be played from start to finish it’s “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”. Nothing more epic than Swifties singing out every little word of this masterpiece.

“Red” x “Daylight”

In her only concert for her Lover album in Paris in 2019, Swift performed a mash-up of “Red” and “Daylight” so beautiful that it should be brought back for the Eras Tour. The way the two songs’ lyrics parallel each other is incredible.

“I Bet You Think About Me”

Another song from the “Vault”, “I Bet You Think About Me” deserves to be played live. Given that Red‘s singles were played so often back in the day, it’s time to give other songs time to shine.

Honorable mention: Swift should definitely perform “Nothing New” during the dates where Phoebe Bridgers will join the tour as the opener.

1989 (2014)

1989 was a life-changing record for Taylor Swift. It was her first full-fledged pop album, and managed to top Red‘s already incredible run by a huge margin. It won Swift her second Album Of The Year Grammy, and turned her into the most talked about pop star in the world at that time, which came with its fair share of tribulations.

“Out Of The Woods” x “Question”

The Midnights track “Question” interpolates different samples from Swift’s 1989 single “Out Of The Woods”, so it’s only right the two come together in a mash-up during a tour that’s supposed to honor Taylor’s entire discography.

“Blank Space”

Obviously, “Blank Space” has to have its moment on the Eras Tour as one of Swift’s biggest ever songs. Even though it’s overplayed it would be unfair to keep it out of the setlist.

“Shake It Off”

The same can be said for “Shake It Off.” When it comes to Taylor’s upbeat songs, however, “Shake It Off” is one of her best, and is always an amazing moment for the audience when played live.

Reputation (2017)

Reputation is a very dear album among Swifties. After disappearing from public life for a year, Taylor Swift came back with a bang. Although this album is often referred to as a post-Kimye fiasco diss record, when taking a closer look at the B-sides, it’s one of the artist’s most vulnerable and honest works to date.


We’re kind of cheating here. Taylor Swift has basically confirmed “Delicate” will be a part of the Eras Tour already. As one of the singles, and frankly best songs on Reputation, it’s a spot well deserved!

“Getaway Car”

“Getaway Car” is high-up on the list of “Taylor Swift songs that should have been singles.” This track should get its moment to shine as often as possible, and definitely needs to be included in the setlist.

“I Did Something Bad” x “Vigilante Shit”

Everyone has commented on how well Midnights‘ “Vigilante Shit” would fit in Reputation, particularly with the album’s more aggressive songs. A mash-up with “I Did Something Bad” is almost painfully obvious, so it better happen!

Lover (2019)

After taking a darker turn in Reputation, Swift went back to her sweetheart origins with Lover. A record that’s supposed to reflect on all facets of love, it didn’t resonate with critics for the most part. However, it’s actually one of her most surprising albums once you get past the bubblegum pop singles.


“Lover” is one of the best singles Taylor Swift has ever released, and it was an easy choice among its Lover era peers. Owenn, the dancer in the music video, has since launched a music career, and will open for Swift on select dates.

“Cruel Summer”

Taylor Swift has yet to perform fan-favorite and fellow “should have been a single” track “Cruel Summer” live. This is her moment, and she must not waste it!

“Cornelia Street” x “Death By A Thousand Cuts”

We concede. We just couldn’t pick between these two songs. They both deserve a spot on the setlist, even if Swift chooses not to perform them in their entirety.

Folklore (2020)

Taylor Swift’s musical career can be split into three pivotal moments. Her debut album introduced her to the world, 1989 made her a tabloid pop star with all the glitz, glamour, and scandal that entails. But her turn to indie-pop in Folklore in the midst of the pandemic finally earned her the respect from the highbrow music world that she has always deserved.


It will be interesting to see how Taylor will fit the significantly distinct sonority of her quarantine albums in with the rest of the tour’s setlist. As the lead single from Folklore, “Cardigan” will certainly get a spot.


Upon release, “Betty” became one of Swift’s first country hits in years. It would be sweet of her to combine it with one of her tracks from her debut album for a full-circle moment.


“Cardigan,” “Betty,” and “August” all make up Folklore‘s trilogy as part of a fictional love triangle storyline. There’s plenty of potential there for Swift to develop a creative set for the songs during tour.

“Exile (feat. Bon Iver)”

It just makes sense for “Exile” to be a part of the set list. It’s become a stand-out song from Folklore since its release, and Swift recently performed it live with Justin Vernon on his tour.

Evermore (2020)

Mostly regarded — both by fans and Swift — as a continuation of Folklore, Evermore has struggled to find its place among the artist’s discography. She barely promoted it, and to this day Swifties are begging for the album to get the TLC it deserves. We suspect it won’t have as many songs on the setlist as Swift’s recent albums, but she better at least include some of its masterpieces.


If there’s one song from Evermore that will most definitely be a part of the Eras Tour it has to be “Willow,” the lead single from the album.


If a poll was ever conducted on Swifties’ favorite Evermore track, “Ivy” would most certainly be up there. It’s one of Swift’s greatest ever songs, and much like most of its album counterparts, it never got the attention it deserved.

“Cowboy Like Me”

For a second, let’s imagine a world where “Cowboy Like Me” gets a live performance on tour. Doesn’t that feel amazing? We’re not overly confident it will happen, but it’s a real shame if it doesn’t.

Honorable mention: During the tour dates with Haim as the opening act, the sisters and Swift have to perform “No Body, No Crime.”

Midnights (2022)

Somehow, 16 years into her career, Taylor Swift scored her biggest debut week yet with Midnights, which not only broke Red (Taylor’s Version)‘s Spotify streaming record, but also became the only album to ever take over Billboard Hot 100’s complete top ten. It’s a real testimony to the artist’s longevity – a trait not many current artists share.


Swift has yet to perform “Anti-Hero” live despite it being Midnights‘ lead single. She’s described the song as one of her most personal, because of how it delves into her insecurities.


As the only other song besides “Anti-Hero” to get a music video, we’re guessing Taylor Swift really loves “Bejeweled” and will probably include it in the setlist.

“Lavender Haze”

It’s currently rumored that “Lavender Haze” will be the second single from Midnights to impact radios. As the album’s first track, and given the “Meet me at midnight” lyric with which it starts, this will probably serve as the tour opener too.

“You’re On Your Own Kid”

Much like “Long Live,” “You’re On Your Own, Kid” feels like a defining song for both Swift and her fans. The song’s epic and emotional quality — as well as its contemplative lyrics about the singer’s journey up until now — would make it an amazing track to close off the concert on the highest of notes.

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