Three New Black Eyed Peas Songs From Their Upcoming Album

A couple of new Black Eyed Peas songs leaked out onto the internet this weekend. Three songs to be exact, off their upcoming album, ‘The Beginning’. The songs are titled Play It Loud, Whenever and Someday and to be honest, the only one I like is Someday. The other two really didn’t do anything for me. In general, none of the songs here are that good when compared to their last album, ‘The E.N.D’. Hopefully the full album will be better than what we can see from these three songs.

As I said above, Someday isn’t all that bad but Whenever and Play It Loud, I just couldn’t get into, at all. Whenever is a bit too slow for me and the usual energy found in Peas songs just isn’t there. As for Play It Loud, it’s also a bit slow when compared to some of their other hits and I also found it a bit repetitive.

As for Someday, while it may not be as high tempo as other Peas songs, I can see it doing well on the radio and eventually going on to become a hit. That’s just my opinion though.

Now I know the Black Eyed Peas did record a song called Someday for the film Knight and Day, but as far as I know, this song included here is different than the one we heard in the film.

Anyways, when I listen to the Peas, I want to hear loud, high tempo, high energy tracks like I Gotta Feeling, Party All The Time, Let’s Get It Started, Pump It, Rock That Body etc. I’m not a big fan of when they slow down their music. So I’m not a huge fan of this album, as of yet.

Check out the tracks below and let us know what you think.



Play It Loud

[audio:|titles=Play It Loud]