Throttle Delivers Full Vocal Version Of “Money Maker”


After keeping his James Brown sampling single “Money Maker” on the forefront of our attention with a fresh VIP edit last week, rising producer Throttle is back to debut the full vocal version of the track with Lunchmoney Lewis and Aston Merrygold. Contrasting the lengthy edit from last week, Throttle delivers a concise mix driven by soulful vocal hooks and groovy house rhythms.

The two vocalists take on “Money Maker” in duet form, with Aston Merrygold providing Michael Jackson-esque melodies ahead of Lunchmoney Lewis’ rap verse. The James Brown sample that serves as the track’s title balances out the disparate vocal deliveries, as Throttle weaves in a disco tinged backing track with club beats, thumping bass and descending strings.

Throttle developed a standout sound on “Money Maker” with its blend of irresistible dancefloor appeal and funky production points, crafting an energetic tune to get your heart racing. The new vocal version expands on the original’s strictly house format, and the added vocal efforts brings a memorable element to the latest “Money Maker” mix.

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