Tiësto Will Play A Six-Hour Set At Amsterdam Dance Event


It’s been some time since Tiësto performed anything longer than a three-hour set for a regular booking, but apparently the current electronic music climate has prompted him to return to his roots. The Dutch superstar DJ/producer has announced that he will perform continuously for six hours at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event.

Tiësto made the following post to his Facebook page to announce the news:

The DJ’s most famous six-hour set was the one he played at Dutch Dimension in 2002, which many fans consider to be the his best performance to date. It bears mention, however, that during the 1999 edition of Dutch Dimension, the former trance poster boy played a mind-boggling 12 hours straight.

It’s hard to imagine that Tiësto will play the big room house that has become his recent go-to for the duration of his performance at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. What will take its place remains to be seen, but seeing as how he just launched his new deep house label, AFTR : HRS, it’s safe to assume that it probably won’t be trance.