TJR Drops New Banger “Polluted” With Dirt Nasty


LA based producer TJR dropped his latest Melbourne bounce anthem “Polluted” this week, offering the track up as a free download. Fans were previously acquainted with “Polluted” due to its heavy presence in his live sets over the last two years, and now they can finally own it for themselves.

“Polluted” opens with a plucky synth that carves out a steady rhythm for the track, shortly joined by driving club beats. Dirt Nasty joins in on the fun, delivering drug fueled raps throughout the song that help to foster a party friendly vibe.

TJR tones back the electro-house flair on this one, but the drops still feature heavy on bouncy charm. In the middle of the track, the energy breaks down as trippy synths forge a psychedelic quality before building back up into a final, extended dance sequence.

While some fans may find “Polluted” lacking in TJR’s distorted synth work, the song still comes through with a carefree and novel vibe, assisted by Dirt Nasty’s lyrics.

You can grab a free download of “Polluted” here if you’re digging the track.