TJR Mixes Breakbeat With Melbourne Bounce On “We Wanna Party”


Breakbeat might slowly be sneaking its way back into mainstream electronic music. Most recently, L.A.-based electro house producer TJR has adapted its urban flair to suit a truly unexpected purpose: filling out the arrangement of a Melbourne bounce track called “We Wanna Party.”

The hip-hop vibe of Savage’s vocal sample mixes with the syncopation of the percussion to instill an almost Miami bass-reminiscent vibe into the track right off the bat. After a few measures, though, it builds up to a bass drop unquestionably driven by the springy synth work that’s characteristic of Melbourne bounce.

Really, though, although the combination of styles makes for a novelty in and of itself, the track doesn’t contribute much to the conversation that is dance music. Considering that TJR has such a reputation for being a producer’s producer, it’s not unreasonable to expect him to turn out more developed ideas than what he delivered for “We Wanna Party.”

TJR‘s “We Wanna Party” featuring Savage will come out through Spinnin’ Records on March 4th, but you can listen to a preview of the track in the SoundCloud player above.

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