Tom Swoon And Kill The Buzz Team Up On “All The Way Down”


Polish producer Tom Swoon has teamed up with Kill The Buzz on an energetic new single titled “All The Way Down.” The two producer’s also enlisted the help of Canadian songwriter Jenson Vaughn for their collaborative effort, which is due out later this month.

“All The Way Down” kicks off with pounding house rhythms and electrifying synth work as Tom Swoon and Kill The Buzz build the energy up to soaring heights. The music then unexpectedly crashes back, making way for a stripped down segue with gentle guitar plucks and a smooth vocal section. Melodic arpeggios then enter the mix, leading up to jubilant big room style drops with bouncy synth melodies and scorching energy.

Tom Swoon and Kill The Buzz deliver a progressive anthem here that blends its minimalistic vocal driven sections with powerful dance drops perfectly.

“All The Way Down” is set to be released on August 22 via Revealed Recordings.