Tommy Trash Gets Retro With “Luv U Giv”


Looks like Tommy Trash has finally been bitten by the nostalgia bug. It seems like every EDM DJ/producer under the sun has been scrambling to prove their street cred by incorporating dated styles into their mixes and productions in 2015, and “Luv U Giv” marks the first time Tommy has flat-out ditched electro house to follow the trend.

String section stabs and retro synths give “Luv U Giv” a decidedly disco feel. The main synth lead leading up to each peak sounds like something from one of Van Halen’s later albums, and a pitch-shifted vocal sample acts as the centerpiece of the arrangement.

Bandwagon or otherwise, Tommy Trash turned out a catchy and somewhat unique track in the form of “Luv U Giv.” Whether the stylistic tangent will become part of his repertoire remains to be seen, but so far, we approve.