TomorrowWorld Releases Dreamville 2014 Recap Video


For those who have been to either Tomorrowland or its US counterpart, TomorrowWorld, you’ll know that undoubtedly one of the best parts of the festival is Dreamville, the outdoor camping experience that sells out each and every year, and with good reason. 2015’s looks to be the same, too, as Dreamville is already completely sold out for Tomorrowland and is quickly running out of space for TomorrowWorld.

To remind you of why you should be looking into the camping experience if you’re planning on heading to Chattahoochee Hills this September for the madness of TomorrowWorld, ID&T have released a nice little recap video of what went down in Dreamville at last year’s outing of the festival. While it’s definitely a marketing piece more than anything else, it does do a solid job of capturing the magic of the camping aspect of TomorrowWorld and should be able to persuade people to pick up their tickets before they’re all gone.

So, if you’re looking into TomorrowWorld but aren’t sure yet if you should do Dreamville or not, take a look at the video above and see what you’d be missing out on. If you decide that it’s for you, head on over to the official website and pick up a ticket. Trust us, it’s an experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

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