Tornado By Firebeatz Is An Unnatural Disaster


The good thing about Firebeatz is that you pretty much know exactly what to expect from the Dutch duo based on their stage name alone. If your musical yearnings are satisfied by songs designed to hold the short attention span of electronic music’s fair-weather fans, then you’ve come to the right place because, like the vast majority of their other discography, I can’t imagine this track serving much of any other purpose.

“Tornado” might as well be the template by which big room house producers churn out clones of main stage bangers, because it’s devoid of the individual personality an artist is expected to inject into a production. Everything is textbook, from the menacing synth melody at the drop all the way down to the overused sample of a guy shouting “Woo!”

Firebeatz’ other recent single was “Ghostchild,” a track with significantly more depth that they produced alongside Apster. It has been released as the first free download on Spinnin’ Records’ new “freemium” service, Spinnin’ Premium. As far as “Tornado” is concerned, though, the track is slated for official release on November 16th through Spinnin’ Records.