Toronto’s Sound Academy Will Be Reinvented As A Superclub


It’s a sad day whenever your favorite party spot shuts down, and an even sadder night when there’s not a viable replacement. Following The Guvernment’s closure after a wildly successful 19 years of operation, a gaping hole has been left in Toronto’s nightlife. After throwing one of the biggest closing parties on record with a three night bout of debauchery with Deadmau5, Armin van Buuren, and Knife Party, nothing else can really compare to The Guvernment’s legendary status. Still, it’s harsh news to hear that another Toronto staple will be following suit; Sound Academy will be shutting its own doors in January 2016. However, this time, it will be worth it.

INK Entertainment, owner of The Guvernment, has plans to fill the void left by The Guvernment’s closing and remodel Sound Academy into Toronto’s first superclub. The name of the venue is still to-be-determined, but the layout is already well-defined.

The space will have two floors with private VIP access, expansive views of Toronto’s skyline, and an effortless transition to the luxury outdoor lounge, Cabana Poolbar. Charles Khabouth of INK Entertainment says the main feature of the club will be a 65-foot stage with massive LED walls, which will create a space that is “mature and sophistocated, and a complete sensory experience for our guests.” The principle designer of the project, Per Alessandro Munge, had this to say about the remodel:

“The main of objective of the remodel was not only to deliver a visually striking platform for guests and headliners, but to elevate their collective experience to new heights of hedonism.”

INK Entertainment certainly has some large shoes to fill with this endeavor, and though the expectations are lofty, it seems they’re on track to pull it off in style.