This Trailer For Hardwell’s Documentary Reveals The Problem With Mainstream EDM


The successor in a long line of Dutch electronic music artists who have secured the coveted DJ Mag #1 honor, progressive house superstar Hardwell has the kind of career that almost every DJ/producer dreams of. Now they can all live vicariously through him by watching I Am Hardwell: Living The Dream, a documentary of his latest 34-stop tour which has its red carpet premiere today to coincide with Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

Interestingly, though, the official trailer for the film succeeds in highlighting the most universal criticism of both the DJ Mag Top 100 polls and the careers of artists like Hardwell alike: At this level of the game, it’s less about music and more about popularity.

A clip from one of the artist’s early interviews featured in the trailer sums it up with poetic simplicity. When asked about his dream, a young Hardwell says, “To be the number one DJ.” Not to simply create music, or to humbly move whatever audience he’s blessed to have through the majesty of said music – just to be #1.

Nonetheless, a slew of “music fans” will undoubtedly go out to see Hardwell‘s documentary, I Am Hardwell: Living The Dream as it hits Dutch theaters tomorrow and video on demand services a couple months afterwards. Check out the official trailer above and let us know if you plan to follow suit by making a trip to the comments section below.