Travis Scott’s Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight Delayed Again


Travis Scott appears as though he wants to break a record for the amount of release dates for a single album. Despite the “Antidote” rapper announcing an August 26th drop day for his upcoming LP, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, it ended up failing to surface anywhere once the clock struck midnight. Before then, the album was originally expected to come out on August 5th, which is after Scott told a crowd at a show in May that Birds would be out “in a couple of days.”

The extension of the Birds saga was made known by mastermind hip-hop producer Mike Dean, who took to Twitter to announce the delay, telling us that the album was still being mixed and he isn’t going to allow a release until it’s finished. We’d be wise to listen to him, too, as Dean is responsible for production work on Scott’s last full-length, Rodeo, and just recently contributed to Frank Ocean’s surprise record, Blonde.

Though Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight has seemed close to dropping so many times already, not too much is actually known about the project. So far, we’ve heard songs like “Pick Up the Phone” and “The Hooch,” but it isn’t confirmed if any of those efforts will make the actual tracklisting. For what it’s worth, “Pick Up the Phone” was included on Young Thug’s commercial mixtape which is out today, No, My Name Is Jeffery, so that may mean that Scott decided he didn’t want to use the track anyway.

Delays are obviously frustrating for fans and of course the artists themselves, too, but it looks like the engine is definitely roaring on Birds, so the finish line for Travis Scott has to be coming up soon.