Tritonal Drop Stunning New Single “Getaway”


Dance music duo Tritonal took to SoundCloud last night to upload a new single titled “Getaway,” reminding fans why they’re one of the best production outfits in electronic music today. With an ear for quality composition, pristine vocals and memorable drops, Tritonal set their new single apart as an excellent exercise in melodic dance music.

“Getaway” opens with enticing piano chords and rhythmic progressive plucks, as soothing female vocals and gradually building percussions define this super electro track. Contrasting the gorgeous opening, Tritonal bring up the energy to full force during the drop, with driving house beats, stuttered vocal samples and energizing synth chords.

This is easily one of the duo’s strongest efforts in some time and as festival season continues to ramp up, we can’t wait to hear what else Tritonal have in store for us. Until they release more though, take a listen to “Getaway” above and let us know if you’re as impressed with it as we are.