Tritonal Enlist Chris Ramos And Shanahan For “This Is Love”


Over the course of their career, Tritonal have proven themselves capable of making challenging and innovative music. The Austin, Texas-based duo still certainly put out their fair share of main stage fluff, though – and their new track, “This Is Love, unfortunately falls into that category.

While not poorly produced by any means, “This Is Love” relies on saccharine synth work and a formulaic arrangement to ensure support from EDM’s mainstream tastemakers. To be fair, entry-level tracks like these undoubtedly serve a role as a gateway through which uninitiated fans can eventually discover more challenging music – but after what the duo delivered on last year’s “GAMMA GAMMA,” the more seasoned Tritonal fan is bound to yearn for more.

After checking out “This Is Love” in the player above, let us know if you look forward to seeing what else the duo brings to the table as spring season approaches by dropping a comment below.

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